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Access to safe water is a prerequisite to good health; the state of Bihar faces tremendous challenge in ensuring access to safe water for its population of 100 million. PHEET is always tried to make water testing possible at every level!

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Water in Acceptable quality, it makes the People

W : Wise
A : Alert
T : Tight
E : Energetic
R : Refresh

Otherwise consumptions of contaminated water , makes the people prone to
W : War
A : Angry
T : Tire
E : Exhaustive
R : Ruins
Water Borne Diseases are many & Numerous

Diseases, right from COLD to CANCERS, including AIDS are nothing, rather all of them are Water borne Diseases. Diseases from A to Z. Can be eliminated by using Wholesome nature of water, Examples are

A : Ascariasis, Alzheimer’s, Asthma & allergies, Athlete’s Foot K: Kwashiorkor
B: Bird flue L: Leprosy
C: Chickenguniya, Cholera, Cretinism M: Malaria
D: Dengue, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Diptheria N: Neuron disorder
E: Epilepsy O:Oederma
F: Food Poisoning, Filaria, Fasciola P: Pellagra, Plague, Pneumonia
G: Giardiae S: Schistosomaisis
H: Headaches, Hepatitis A, B, C, D & E, HIV, Hypothyroidism T: Tuberculosis, Typhoid
Water Sources Contaminated by FNA & I ( Fluoride, Nitrate, Arsenic & Iron) in Bihar & Jharkhand
  • FNA is very much wanting award ( Fellow of National Academy) in Academic world , but for Aquatic World , FNA ( Fluoride, Nitrate, Arsenic) is the most dreaded ,group of words, but How & WHY?

  • Each of all 03 ( FNA) , on long term consumption, leading finally to dreaded Disease “ Cancer “, though having 03 different t routes, but the ultimate reach is the same.

  • Fortunately Fluoride & Arsenic can never co-exist , but Nitrate & Iron may help the Arsenic to have entry easy in any system

Water Sources Contaminated by FNA & I ( Fluoride, Nitrate, Arsenic & Iron) in Bihar & Jharkhand
Fluoride Concentration (ppm)
Effect of Fluoride
No effect
Dental Fluorosis
Mild Skeletal fluorosis
Crippling Skeletal fluorosis
Arsenocosis/Hyperkeratosis( skin cancer) caused by Consumption for continuously 5 years of water containing Arsenic in concentration > 0.05ppm
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