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Access to safe water is a prerequisite to good health; the state of Bihar faces tremendous challenge in ensuring access to safe water for its population of 100 million. PHEET is always tried to make water testing possible at every level!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Testing

Frequently Asked 13 Questions, Prior to Issuing the Work Order for Drinking Water Sampling & at Regular Interval of 03 months, preferably for 03 Consecutive years (Pl. Must go through it)

1. Why should I go for Testing of My (say: 300m) deep ground bore well water which is good in taste & sparkling clear in looks? Because, waters cannot be said to be wholesome in drinks, unless, these are tested for, in spite of looking clear & highly palatable in taste. For example, waters containing Fluoride, Nitrate, Arsenic (FNA) , even in their harmful concentration are always clear in look & very tasteful in drinks, but they are highly dangerous, may contribute Cancers of Bones, Lungs &Skins respectively on their prolonged use.


2. I have recently installed 03 electronically operated water purifiers on each & all 05 floors from ground to 5th Floor.As such Still do I need waters testing? Certainly yes sir, because, installed water Purifiers are Machines, hence, cannot be taken as Guaranteed for removing Contaminants like FNA, Iron, Bacteria, Viruses & so many, particularly in case of Power fluctuation, Energy cut-off & non-uniformities of pressure in water delivery pipes from ground to the 5th floor. Another reason for the poor performance of the installed machines are their ill- maintenance. Such cases, your water purifier may yield to you the water, even worse than your own tap Water.


3. Can Bottled Water of reputed Manufacturers be of help in getting rid from regular water Testing Problem? No sir, because, bottled waters Cannot be blindly accepted as wholesome water, unless, it is regularly & thoroughly be tested for.


4. Why Should I get tested of all my 03 bore wells’ waters, because all areinvery close proximity to each other’s?Sir, to know exactly the varying adverse impacts of over pumping on their individual water bearings strata, otherwise, intrinsic water quality could not be ascertained with reproducible accuracy..Field studies have amply & clearly established that 02 bore wells at even 1m apart may or may not have the similar properties, because of their indifferent topological, geological & morphological set up of the water bearing strata.,


5. Why Testing’s are to be done quarterly & why not only once in year? Quarterly Testing’s provide the pattern of underground water layer mixing which in turn helps in deciding the pollutants transfer inbuilt efficiency, otherwise, nothing can be said without any scientific data.


6. Why Water Qualities Testing’s for the same groundwater sources areessential for Consecutive 03 years? Sir, without which, the GEOHYDROLOGICAL CYCLE VARIATIONof any particular water bearing strata cannot be ascertained. Thereby, it is of paramount necessity for conducting the research study for 03 consecutive years with prime aims for making the Groundwater Treatment Module.


7. What is the major water borne diseases? Sir, 100% of all known Human Diseases right from A to Z are water Borne Diseases. Cited Examples for major water borne diseases are:-

• AIDS: This is 01% due to unsafe sex & Consumption of non-conforming quality of waters , poor sanitary living conditions are 99% responsible for such viral disease AIDS.

• Bone Cancers: Consumption of Water Containing Fluoride in concentration greater than its max. Allowable limit of responsible for contributing Bone cancer

• Lungs cancer: Consumption of Water Containing Nitrate in concentration greater than its max. Allowable limit of responsible for contributing Lungs cancer

• Skin Cancer: Consumption of Water Containing Arsenic in concentration greater than its max. Allowable limit of 50 ppb responsible for contributing Skins cancer

• Encephalitis: These days Encephalitis has become the Headline News in Bihar Consumption of Water Containing Iron/Manganese in concentration greater than its max. Allowable limit of 1& 0.5 ppm respectively are responsible for contributing Encephalitis

• Diabetes:Consumption of water containing .is responsible for contributing Diabetes

• Prostate cancer: Consumption of Water Containing Cadmium in concentration greater than its max. Allowable limit of 0.01ppm is responsible for contributing Prostate cancer

• Cholesterol:Consumption of Water Containing Mercury in concentration greater than its max. Allowable limit of 0.001 1ppm is responsible for contributing High Cholesterol

• Untimely Oldness: Consumption of Water Containing Iron in association with arsenic in concentration greater than its max. Allowable limit of 1 & 0.05 ppm is responsible for contributing Sudden untimely Oldness

• Coronary Thrombosis: Consumption of Water contaminated by Copper in concentration greater than its max. Allowable limit of 1.5 ppm is responsible for contributing Coronary Thrombosis

• Dementia & Alzheimer’s: Consumption of Water contaminated by Aluminum in concentration greater than its max. Allowable limit of 0.2 ppm is responsible for contributing Dementia & Alzheimer’s disease& so on so---------


8. Which is the Representative Quarterly SamplingMonths throughout the Year? June/September/December/March are considered to be the best & the representative sampling months. However, samples may be drawn on either of the up & the down of the mentioned all above told 04 months, in case of tight sampling schedule.


9. Is there any Other Laboratories other than yours “PHEET”? No sir, PHEET is 01 & the only 01 Government Recognized water testing Laboratory in NGO Sector, across the entire length & breadth of Bihar & Jharkhand where around the year since its conception in 2001, researches & testing’s are the Field of WWWTTT-SHH (Water, Waste Water Testing, Treatment, Training-Sanitation & Human Health).


10. Is there not any otherWater Testing Laboratory either in the Government or Private Sector in Bihar? There are many more in the Government/Private Sector, but most of them are of District Level, where limited number of parameters are analyzed. Telling you again & again that there is none, except PHEET in NGO Sector, where as much as 48 parameters can be managed to be tested on demand with unchallengeable accuracy.


11. On testing if some defects are detected, then as such, can PHEET provide their remedial measures? Why not?, otherwise, what is use for testing?


12. Besides Water Quality Testing’s, Do you have any other activitiesin any Another Environmental Fields? Sir, PHEET has got expatriation in the below depicted 10 Fields:

I. Waste Water Testing

II. Waste Water treatment

III. Rain water Harvesting

IV. Water Delivery pipe Cleanings

V. Water Tanks Cleanings

VI. Air Testing & Treatment

VII. Noise Level Assessment

VIII. Soil Testing from Agricultural &Architectural Point of view

IX. Food Adulteration Testing’s

X. EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment).


13. What is the Testing Cost? Nothing if it be considered as on long term basis, because, whatsoever you are paying as Testing fee, you will get refunded back of 08 times in due future course of time in short future of your present investment. However, the present Testing Ratesare depicted as below:

A. P21/Bore well +02 Corresponding Consumers’ points are Rs 5000/- + Admissible Service Tax

• P21 includes the testing of pH, Color, Odor, Taste, Temp. Turbidity, Hardness,Alkalinity,Calcium,Magnesium,Chloride,Sulfate,Iron,Fluoride,Nitrate, Arsenic (FNA: Highly Carcinogens), TDS, Conductivity, MPN , E. Coliform & Residual Chlorine

B. P38/Bore Well +02 Corresponding Consumers Points are Rs 12000/- +Admissible Service Tax

• P38 included P21 ( as Just told about) + Additional P17: Cyanides, Selenium,Boron,Copper,Zinc, Mercury, Phenols (All Toxic & Trace Elements, Testing under contract is done in S.T.H., New Delhi), Coliform, Salmonella, Shigella,Vibiro-comma,Entamoeba-Histolytica,Yeast,Molds(All Pathogenic Microbes: Testing’s done Under Contract with TMI,Kolkata) , PCBs,PAH,TPRS (All three long Persisting Pesticides of which testing’s done under contract with ITRI,Lucknow)


> P Stands for Parameters &the figure put on the base of P tells about the number of Parameters to be Tested

> Rates shown in Column (A) 01 Option are Suitable for Hotels/Hospitals/ Schools/Nursing Homes/Apartments/ Banks/ Industries: Dairies Confectionaries/Poultries/Fisheries/Zoos,/Dur-Darshan/Bus Stands/Railway Stations/Airports& other Public Concerning Offices( Air-Force, Cantonment, LIC,Examination Board/Passport Issuing/IT/Electricity & etc., provided if Quarterly Samplings are done

> Rates shown in (B) Column are Suitable for all above said Organizations, provided if the samplings & Testing’s be done Half yearly or in industries / any establishment where daily water consumption exceeds 01 mgd( Million Gallon a day)

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